Friday, May 23, 2008

2008 Recipients Rasmuson Foundation Awards

On May 12th, the Rasmuson Foundation announced its annual awards at an event that took place in both second and real life. I had the opportuity to interview a represenative of the foundation, Jeffronius Criss and media consultant / designer Cybergrrl Oh. The story appeared in the SL Newspaper.


The 2008 award winners announced at the event are noted below:

Ron Senungetuk, visual artist, curator, Inupiaq scholar, and former University of Alaska Fairbanks professor of Art and Design has been named 2008 Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist.

Six artists have been selected to receive $12,000 Fellowship Awards:

* Carl Battreall, photographer (Anchorage).

* Nicholas Galanin, multidiscipline artist working in performance art, video installation, film, sculpture, painting and photography (Sitka).

* Sonya Kelliher-Combs, visual artist working in mixed-media creating two and three dimensional works (Anchorage).

* Philip Munger music composer (Wasilla).

* Linda Smogor, photographer (Homer).

* Vladimir Zhikhartsev, plein air watercolor painter (Fairbanks).

In addition, Individual Artist Project grants have been awarded to:

* Audrey Armstrong, $5,000, folk/traditional artist working with fish skin (Anchorage).

* Michael Engelhard, $5,000, literary artist (Fairbanks).

* Clara Haley, $5,000, folk/traditional artist Northwest Coast cedar bark weaver (Wrangell).

* Denise Heimel, $5,000, visual artist working in clay to create sculptural forms (Wasilla).

* Caroline Kroll, $5,000, folk/traditional artist, wood carver, weaver (Anchorage).

* Rosemary McGuire, $3,145, literary artist (Cordova).

* Christopher Miller, $4,999, photographer (Juneau).

* Leslie Hsu Oh, $5,000, literary artist (Eagle River).

* Roswell Schaeffer Sr., $5,000, folk/traditional artist working with wood, ivory and bone craft (Kotzebue).

* Teresa Shannon, $5,000, craft artist working in clay (Fairbanks).

* Ruth Sorensen, $5,000, oil painter (Anchorage).

* Tasha Walen, $5,000, craft artist working in glass (Juneau).

* Sheila Wyne, $5,000, multidiscipline, multi-media artist (Anchorage).

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