Sunday, December 7, 2008

Benefit for Aleja Asturias

The note arrived from Gentle Heron telling me of Aleja's plight and that there was a benefit going on for her. Gentle asked if I could stop by.

The notecard read:

"Come to a benefit for Aleja Asturias, who is having some real life difficulties due to the death of her roommate and ex boyfriend/domestic partner. Muse Carmona who had already planned to hold a rezday party for herself on Sunday, Dec 7th, but when she heard about what happened to Aleja, she decided to donate all proceeds of her second rezday birthday party to help Aleja in RL!"

Gentle Heron: Aleja needs everything. She doesn't even have her adaptive eating equipment. How cruel is that? They took her utensils.

Nazz Lane: Jesus

Gentle Heron: I know. She has her wheelchair and bed. She has her computer but they took the modem, they isolated her.

When I left the party / fundraiser, they'd already raised $280.00 USD.

For more information on Aleja's situation please see:

To donate via paypal see:

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