Friday, May 8, 2009

"EXPERIENCE ART" @ Ars Simulacra

On Friday, the 8th of May at 6pm PDT/SLT

Watch...Listen...Interact ~EXPERIENCE ART~

@ Ars Simulacra on the NMC Campus: Curated by Tayzia Abattoir

SL/RL composer/artist collaborative art, Kinetic art, static Sculpture, interactive art, light and glow enabled art and more!

Musician Winters Kanto will be performing on the piano beginning at 6pm. His style of music is Tango Ballad, Bossa, Jazz and Boleros. Winters also plays Classical Music , Chopin, Bethoven, and Mozart at his Concerts.

Artists in this sim-wide exhibit include:

Spiral Walcher
Suzanne Graves
Madcow Cosmos
vanfarel Kupfer
Elizabeth Tinsley
Alizarin Goldflake/Flivelwitz Alsop
Native Aeon
Binary Quandry
nand Nerd
Pol Jarvinen
Kolor Fall
nessuno myoo
Golam Amadeus
Sunn Thunders
Glyph Graves
Elizabeth Tinsley
Oberon Onmura
Gleman Jun
Colt Parx
Misprint Thursday
Andrek Lowell
Treacle Darlandes/Nicolaus Skytower
Binary Quandry/Nicolaus Skytower
Ub Yifu/Nicolaus Skytower
Qarl Fizz

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