Friday, April 11, 2008

Cleaning Up Landmarks and Exploring

I’d only had limited time in Second Life these past few weeks, (no it wasn’t because of SL problems) real life commitments allowed me only a few short duration visits. So when an opportunity presented itself for an extended in-world visit, I decided to get out and explore and clean up a clogged and unsorted "LM" folder. There’s no need to mention neglect by its owner as a contributing factor for the disarray in that folder.

1. In error I’d attributed the novel “Wuthering Heights” to Emily Bronte’s sister, Charlotte on a Twitter posting. I’ve since posted a correction. It may very well be that they both would have approved of the Wuthering Heights Ballroom at Wuthering Heights Ballroom I found it to be a great build, with a grand Ballroom having ample space and opportunities for patrons to both dance and enjoy an evening of light romance.

2. A good friend and the decorator of my SL home, Amira Mathilde, has redone her store, ARTDECO Designs *Collection - Interior Design*. I’d stopped over to say hello but had missed her while she was out with a client. ARTDECO Designs

3. I only had time for a short visit to the “Small World Art Gallery” It is as described in the group information a “Fae Spark custom built art gallery done on a scale not often seen in SL.” I saved this LM for a return visit. Small World Art Gallery

4. At the invitation of Cetus Art District President, Tricia Aferdita, I visited the Harmony Cafe at Cetus, where I found a great decor and ambiance. This is a must see and an addition to the “Coffeehouses in Second Life” list. Harmony Cafe

5. I did a live reading of an excerpt of my short story “It’s Time for You to Fly” at the weekly Written Word Writer’s Circle. Information on this and on other programs sponsored by the group can be found at: Written Word

When I had a chance over these last few weeks, I’d started to explore “Virtual Networks” after having joined two others as noted below:

1. The Virtual Shakespeare Consortium is a consortium of individuals and organizations dedicated to bringing Shakespeare and his culture to the Internet and beyond.

2. Second Life Bloggers “Blogging the metaverse one post at a time....”

I’ve also continued to explore Twitter, I’m still feeling my way around the medium. But have established a routine now of opening it while in SL so I can post direct to there and of course have it show up on this page. Besides posting a daily update on the first song in the day’s playlist, I’m following a few people and will be adding more of that and what I discover here in Lane’s List and in my writings.

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