Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Reporters Notes

I've come around to freeing up from several RL commitments that'd kept my visits to SL short and infrequent these last few months. Feeling the urge to write and explore once again I'd contributed three articles to the SL Newspaper, where I freelance this past week. I was afraid that Dana and James had thought perhaps I'd deserted them. Anyway, it felt good to be out and about, exploring and meeting several of SL's more dynamic and highly interesting citizens.

The first story was a result of pure happenstance. When I logged in this past Sunday, I'd received a notice of a new gallery opening. It sounded interesting and so I opened the LM and TP'ed over. Having arrived at the site, I quickly introduced myself to the gallery owner, Walt Ireton who was agreeable to being interviewed for the article "Digital Art Show at W.I.N. Gallery", which ran in the Music-Art-Culture-Entertainment section. Filling out the rest of the story was the artist India Garrigus, whose work had taken center stage at the gallery, along with Bobby Capra a public relations manager in SL who represents several artists. Walt and the other artists working there have been collecting signatures of SL residents for a letter to be delivered to the Chinese government regarding the treatment of Tibet.

The second and third stories of the week took me home, where I met both subjects of my interviews. I first met with author Diana Allandale who has written and published thirteen novels. She is a neighbor of mine at Book Island and deeply involved in the writing community there and on the working committee for the upcoming SL Book Fair. "Interview with Diana Allandale", the story can be found in the People section. A few days later, I met with and interviewed Selina Greene, the architect of the SL Book Fair 2008, "Interview with Selina Greene", which can be found in the Extra Extra section.

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