Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update from the Rings Discussion Group

A note came over from the Rings Discussion Group announcing the 8th of January meeting, "Lots of Marvelous News to Share - And lets brainstorm the next big action. Come and tell about what you are planning! We can help!" The organizers of the December Human Rights Festival in Second Life and 28 interested avatars gathered together for a discussion on lessons learned and to lay out an agenda for continuing the activities begun with the festival and carry what was learned and the theme of "Human Rights" into 2009.

The agenda was succinct, and the dialog was ably facilitated by juni and Medora where they focused attendees in the following areas:

  • Review the festival
  • What can we learn
  • Connecting networks and having a common schedule
  • Ideas
  • Next meeting

Some stats from the December Human Rights Festival

  • 2500 people attended cumulative
  • 35 Exhibits
  • 65 Concerts
  • 83 Live Events
  • 150+ people Involved in organizing the event, including artists

For more information on what's in store for 2009, see the Human Rights Network Website

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