Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not the London Book Fair

A note from Jilly Kidd of the Written Word group awaited my arrival in-world:

"I'll be at the real London Book Fair this week, but if you can't make it why not pop over to the Written Word to take a look at the select group of reputable publishers gathered near West Hill Cafe.

All of these publishers are active on SL and they all offer ways for writers to submit. Macmillan, Canongate, Snowbooks, Cinnamon and Bluechrome are all here. In the Macmillan basement you'll find a sign with info on how to submit manuscripts to Macmillan New Writing by email. Snowbooks also accepts manuscripts electronically, and their sign gives out useful info.

Canongate takes submissions direct without the need of an agent and has a forum for discussion on the website, and Cinnamon and Bluechrome both have periodic awards for writing in various forms with book contract prizes.

There are free ebook downloads, and the latest Spring book releases so you can see what each publisher is looking for from writers. Upstairs from Cinnamon you'll find Envoi magazine, a very well established UK literary magazine, run by the poet Jan Fortune-Wood, where you can send your submissions.

Homegrown Podcast is upstairs from Bluechrome if you want to submit your writing for broadcast. And if you turn on music you'll hear their latest show.

We'll be setting out some extra free items and gadgets at the West Hill Cafe of use to writers and venue organizers. They're all copyable and editable like many things on the Written Word area. It's probably a bit calmer than the London Book Fair. See you there!"

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