Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tribute Concert for Robert69 Little

A Tribute Concert in honor of SL Machinimist Robert69 Little will be held on Sunday April 19, 12:00 pm PDT/SLT - 7:00pmslt at the Tranquil Commons. Robert has been instrumental in the preservation of hundreds of SL live music events through his you tube site:

His work will be honored by fourteen SL musicians contributing their performance to recognize his efforts on behalf of SL live music. Brianna Beresford, friend and venue owner, and Annasue Barzane, Robert's partner, have planned this event that coincides with the first anniversary of the Tranquil Cafe. The event will be held at Tranquil Commons and all proceeds will be dedicated to Robert69 Little for his contribution to SL Music.

Sunday, April 19 12:00 noon PDT/SLT – 7 pm PDT/SLT Tranquil Commons

12:00 pm PDT RoseDrop Rust

12:30 pm PDT Mia Maxsted

1:00 pm PDT Cylindrian Rutabaga

1:30 pm PDT izdovrcr Finesmith

2:00 pm PDT dakota7z7 pluto

2:30 pm PDT Elvera Lerner

3:00 pm PDT Moondoggirl Moomintoog

3:30 pm PDT dpatrick flow

4:00 pm PDT Satin Galli

4:30 pm PDT Kiaranne Flanagan

5:00 pm PDT Norris Shepherd

5:30 pm PDT MrMulti Writer

6:00 pm PDT Duncan Bagley

6:30 pm PDT BubbaC John

7:00 pm PDT Chester Cournoyer Fireworks

For more information please contact Brianna Beresford or Annasue Barzane.

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