Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ADMIRE ’09 – Adorable Mixed Realities Gathering

It's here! ADMIRE '09 - the Real Life gathering of many of your favorite SL musicians for a weekend of celebration, fun and music in the Netherlands from Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August.

With over 25 musicians to create music all weekend and a large open jam/collaborative session on Saturday 1st August from 9pm-midnight – this promises to be a carnival of music. The weekend theme is "collaboration" between musicians who have never played together and, of course, audience members, too. Come and create some magic together. Musicians you may hear over the weekend include XanderNichting Writer, Slim Warrior, Al Hoffman, Inchino Melson, Brad "JooZz" Monnett, Mar Biddle, Russell Eponym, Carah Nitely, Aurora Metaluna, Kaycee Drayman and Wannahave Ferraris, Blindboy Gumbo, Bara Jonson, and many more.

Portions of the ADMIRE event will be streamed into SL and there will be video uplinks, too.


The venue is the Panhoven in Zevenar – a camping and hostel-type accommodation with shared rooms, shared tepees or camping places on site. The venue can only accommodate 150 people – so spaces are limited and offered on a first come / first serve basis. The building we have is Romeinse II (pictures can be found on the website).

Panhoven Zevenaar:

Panovenweg 18

6905DW Zevenaar

T : 0316-523520

F : 0316-341422

Zevenaar is approximately 1.5hrs from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport by train with one change. The train times can be found at and the one way fare is 17.40 Euro. The train station in Zevenaar is 800m from the Panoven location.


If you are staying on the site, there is no cost for attending the music event itself as it is included in the accommodation/food costs. There is an admission fee for attending the Saturday night event only, if you are not staying on site.

Please be aware that this is a hostel and shared accommodation. For more privacy you can book a room in a 'Hut' which accommodates two people on bunk beds or reserve a camping site. You can also book a teepee and share it with 10 of your 'friends' – please indicate on your booking form sharing preferences so we can try to fulfill your request. There are limited spaces in each category.

Accommodation Weekend Saturday Must Bring Your Own # Beds

Hostel (per person) 132 Euro* n/a Sheet and Towel 25

Hut (for 2 people) 224 Euro* n/a Sleeping Bags and Towels 10

Teepee (per person) 114 Euro* 51 Euro** Airbed, Sleeping Bag and Towel 10 per teepee

Camping (for 2 people) 228 Euro* 63 Euro** Tent, Airbed, Sleep Bags and Towels Based on 2 people sharing 1 tent

Saturday evening only (per person) 10 Euro

* Includes Friday lunch/dinner, Saturday breakfast/lunch/dinner and music and Sunday breakfast/lunch

** Includes Saturday dinner and music, Sunday breakfast and lunch

For a longer stay, please note it on the booking form and we'll provide revised prices.

If camping hostel-type accommodation is not to your taste, there is a hotel in Zevenaar ( that is 5km from the station. Please bear in mind that you will need to pay to reserve your hotel yourself and remember to book your ticket for ADMIRE in advance to guarantee your space!


There will be an ADMIRE desk for check-in and help on site. This desk will also sell drinks 'tokens' to be surrendered for drinks at the ADMIRE bar.

The ADMIRE organizers will have one storage space for sound equipment but security is not assured and musicians leaving instruments here do so at their own risk. Please let us know if you need help transporting your equipment from the Zevenaar train station.

There is free hot water in all showers.


There is a booking form below. Please complete it and return it to Inchino Melson, in world or via email (, who will return you a unique booking reference which will confirm your booking. Bring your booking reference with you to check in.

A non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro per person is due on with your booking form and should be paid by PayPal to (If you do not have access to PayPal and prefer bank details please let Inchino Melson know using contact details above.) The balance will be due on arrival in CASH ONLY.

In the meantime

If you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the the management team.

All the best, and see you there!

Mar Biddle (Venue logistics)

Kaycee Drayman (Music Coordinator)

Wannahave Ferris (Local Coordrinator)

EdDereDde Laval (Stream Coordinator)

Inchino Melson (Bookings / PR)

Slim Warrior (Video Coordinator)

XanderNichting Writer (Sound Coordinator)


SL Avatar Name

RL Name


Contact Telephone

Are you a musician? Yes / No


Weekend Hostel 132 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Hut 224 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Teepee 114 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Teepee 51 Euro ________ __________

Weekend Camping 228 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Camping 63 Euro ________ __________

Saturday Evening Only 10 Euro ________ __________

TOTAL DUE __________


None / Vegetarian / Vegan / Other (please specify) __________________________

Is there anything else we should know about your visit?

A non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro per person is due on with your booking form and should be paid by PayPal to The balance will be due on arrival in CASH ONLY.

If you do not receive a booking reference within 48hrs please email to ensure your booking form was received.

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