Friday, July 17, 2009

Arthole Season 3 Opening

Arthole Season 3 opens its doors officially on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 2 pm PDT / SLT. Arthole is a collaborative effort between Arahan Claveau and Nebulosus Severine. As with previous seasons, a guest artist takes up residence and this time it is the very talented Penumbra Carter.

Season 3 bodes well for fans of Arthole and second life art enthusiasts as both Ara and Neb have new installations being presented along with that of their guest artist. Amy Freelunch joins Arahan in the East Wing from 2pm SLT for a LIVE DJ session, and there will be artistic contributions from past Arthole guests for the launch event Selavy Oh and Dekka Raymaker. Nebulosus and Penumbra will also be present throughout the event to talk about their work and join in the activities.

LEVEL 2 ‐ The Unkempt Hair of the Dead by Penumbra Carter
Penumbra's work has been displayed at several locations in Second Life; most notably with many highly regarded pieces shown at the Brooklyn is Watching project and the Aequitas group exhibition. This intriguingly titled new piece for Arthole Penumbra explains as "my interpretation of riding into the future with the past."

Penumbra is also a prolific machinima maker whose films can be seen on YouTube. In the real‐world she is an artist and painter based in a mysterious Midwestern American town.

LEVEL 1 EAST WING – Empire by Arahan Claveau

The central component of this multimedia experience is a machinima Arahan started filming back in 2006; a series of one minute avatar portraits, inspired in part by Andy Warhol's so‐called "screen tests". During this long delay Arahan has been considering how best to present the portraits, and he has created a psychedelic environment that incorporates photography and sound montage to compliment the thirty minute film. A homage to Warhol's groundbreaking Exploding Plastic Inevitable events and the Factory Superstars, and a commentary on the impact of technology and the cult of personality.

LEVEL 1 WEST WING – Autosarcophagy by Nebulosus Severine
Autosarcophagy is a reworked version of an installation previously only seen very briefly at Brooklyn is Watching. This new work continues Nebulosus's obsessive exploration of Bunnyken, a compelling character that has become inextricably linked with her oeuvre. This new incarnation promises to be another delightfully disturbing foray into the artist's alter‐ego.

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