Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Lakes Machinima Festival

The Stratton Foundation






BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN, August 1, 2009 -- The Stratton Foundation will present the Great Lakes Machinima Festival on Sunday, August 16, 5-8pm at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, Michigan.


The event, free to the public, spotlights various animations, including works by students in Detroit's College for Creative Studies Entertainment Arts. Machinima is a digital animation genre that utilizes virtual world technology.


The event will feature the machinima, Made of Sound, by the 2009 Stratton Prize scholarship winner, Ms. Jayna Shropshire. The production visualizes the lyrics and music of the same title, by co-authors Liz Larin and Mnty.


Other selected machinima will be screened to demonstrate how the genre could be used for entertainment, education, information and wellness.


The entertainment arts industry includes machinima and other digital video production, video game design, and programming. It is expected to create new opportunities and jobs in Michigan's emerging film industry.


The event showcases the talent of local student animators, and provides visibility and the potential to connect with musicians and others who might be interested in having digital animations created to complement their music, poetry or stories.


Machinima will be shown on the flat screens in the venue from 5-6pm followed by a live performance by Liz Larin and networking until 8pm.


The festival will include a fusion event, where the audience will see real time avatars at the Callidora Beach and Concert Stage in the Second Life virtual world broadcast on the flat screens.


The Stratton Foundation based in Birmingham, Michigan makes grants to the College for Creative Studies to support students interested in careers in industries with growth potential that integrate technology and art.


The Stratton Foundation is a proud member of Automation Alley, Michigan's largest technology business association,

driving the growth and image of Southeast Michigan's economy.


Ms. Larin, winner of the 2009 Detroit Music Award Outstanding Electronic/Dance Writer/Producer category, composes, produces and performs rock electronica and other musical genres. Her composition provided the inspiration and basis for the machinima which visually depicts her music and lyrics. More information can be found at


The College for Creative Studies is a world leader in art and design education and prepares students to enter the new, global economy where creativity shapes better communities and societies. A private fully accredited college, CCS enrolls over 1,300 students pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 11 majors. Graduates of CCS's Entertainment Arts department are leaders in the field of digital animation and work for studios producing major motion pictures. The department is chaired by Scott Bogoniewski. More information can be found at

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