Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exhibition Opening - Castle of the Soul

Gary Kohime's newest exhibition, "Castle of the Soul" opens on the 22nd of August at 1 pm PDT/SLT. This exhibit is adjacent to his "Theory of Nothing" exhibit which I'd written about in a post to Second Arts. A full day of activities is planned, to include an opening dance, touring and music … all ongoing till about 9pm PDT/SLT.

From his announcement, the following quote is what prompted the inspiration for Castle of the Soul

"For just as a great stream of water could never fall on us without having an origin somewhere … just so it becomes evident that there is someone in the interior of the soul who sends forth these arrows and thus gives life to this life, and that there is a sun whence this great light proceeds, which is transmitted to the faculties in the interior part of the soul."

[Interior Castle; Peers]

In case you get lost, here's an additional LM

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