Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum's Craftsman Home Build-Off

Late yesterday evening, while I was sorting through inventory items an instant message arrived from Gentle Heron along with a note card inventory offer. I opened both.

"Hi Nazz. I thought you might like to hear about this success story." Gentle said and then added in her next line. "Hey, this gal is amazingly skilled. I'd seen her doll houses, but here she beat the pro builders!"

"Thank you Gentle." I replied and then read the note.

"Virtual Ability member Jadyn Firehawk's newly built house recently won First Place Novice in the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum's Craftsman Home Build-Off 2009. She outscored the first place professional builder in the competition. As Jadyn says, "Who're they calling "disabled"?"

Use this SLURL to teleport to the SIM, then look at all the entries. Jadyn's build is on the back row of houses on the east side of the SIM. Check out the two-story fire place and all the lovely wood texturing.

Jadyn also builds exquisite small home models. Her award is sitting right on the front porch. Congratulations Jadyn."

"Very cool." I replied after reading the note card.

"She's very talented. She is also exhibiting her photographs in our Cape Able Art Gallery. Second Life has given her a lot, and she's sure taken it on and made a name for herself." Said Ms Heron.

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