Monday, November 9, 2009

Life in the Nazz Lane for October 2009

Those of you who know me in Second Life have seen my group tag name "Life in the" Nazz Lane, which I readily admit having adapted from an Eagles song. I'm using the group tag name for a monthly posting in Lane's List, "Life in the Nazz Lane for (fill in the month and year)" to highlight my activities. Besides the posting here in Lane's List, I also freelance for several publications, the SL Newspaper and Avenue Magazine, plus the Second Arts blog. Here's a link for the articles I've written that have been published.

SL Newspaper:

"The Fire King" Author in Second Life: An interview with New York Times Bestseller List Author Marjorie M Lui about her book and a recent appearance in Second Life.

Artists 4 Mercy: I had the opportunity to meet Anu Papp and discuss with her the activities of her charitable organization Artists 4 Mercy.

"The Life and Times of Uncle D" Machinima Premiers in Second Life: Good friends Jenaia Morane and Marty Snowpaw hosted the premier event as part of their Virtual World Story Project.

Second Arts:

An Interview with SL Artist Xenophile Neurocam:

Exhibition Comet Naima Las Islas:

Interview with Artist Trill Zapatero:

Yuri Gallery of Fine Art Opening:

Burning Life Art Department Picks Twelve Art Projects:

Avenue Magazine:

IBM Exhibition Space Presents State of Formation by Selavy Oh (page 219): Interview with Tezcatlipoca Bisiani and Selavy Oh.

Virtual Ability Benefits from SLCC ArtAThon (page 225): The presentation a check to VAI of funds raised at the SLCC by Filthy Fluno and Winter Nightfire.

Second Life Avatar Repertory Theater Group to participate in a Global Theatrical Festival (page 245): Interview with Ada Radius.

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