Sunday, July 25, 2010

La Performance Presents “POLYAMOUR”

La performance, a Second Life Dance Project presents, "POLYAMOUR" in a pre-premiere on July 25th 2010, at 2.30 pm PDT/SLT. The official opening will occur in a few months, likely in October as I was told by La Performance Choreography Director Jie Loon. This newest show presents the troupe dancing to vocals as performed live by Reis. The set of songs and numbers of dancers for each follow:

1. LaraSara - 10 dancers
2. Querias - 15 dancers
3. A loira - 7 dancers
4. E doce - 2 dancers
5. Polyamour - 10 dancers
6. EuSei - 15 dancers

Along with the following credits:

Composed and arranged by Aldo Brizzi

Intermezzo: Lepreuve Du Labyrinthe and Aldo Brizzi

Choreography, production-leader: Jie Loon

Master of ceremonies: Alazi Sautereau

Performing artists/dancers:

Alazi Sautereau
Aminata Potez
Aspen Wrigglesworth
Deyna Broek
Emyly Beaumont
Eva Bohemian
Falkon Wickentower
Jie Loon
JolieElle Parfort
Lee Kenyon
Line Rayna
Mia Balhaus
Natalina DeVinna
Ninoo Nansen
Randy Thor
Xanthi Oridium

La Performance
Aldo Brizzi


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