Sunday, July 25, 2010

Opening Today of "Moodscapes" at Tricia Aferdita Gallery

I received an invitation from friend and fellow journalist Raven Haalan announcing the opening of "Moonscapes" this evening at the Tricia Aferdita Gallery. This is a joint exhibit by GM Nikolaidis and Raven Haalan, the opening event is at 7 pm PDT/SLT. In a seperate notice from Ms Aferdita, she told me that "This collection of photography fills both floors of the gallery and features an incredible mix of light and dark, emotions and moods. Also featured at the gallery is the special exhibit GM & Raven Co-Created for the SL7B celebration. Experience the Timeline and take a walk through some of the moments that make up people's lives."

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Raven Haalan said...

Thanks for the mention Nazz. Always a pleasure, and hope to see you there. :)