Saturday, May 28, 2011

A List of Places to Enjoy Art During the Holiday Weekend in Second Life

The US Memorial Holiday weekend has just begun, marking the start of the summer months. If you are not at a real life picnic or away for the holiday weekend and you happen to be in Second Life, here's a short list of places to go and check out some art.


A collection of landscapes, real life paintings brought into Second Life .

"Painting the landscape is about sharing. When I paint the environment around me it's because I am so moved by what I am seeing that I want to capture it and give it to you as a gift. " ~ Littleone Aries

The exhibit featuring the work of Robin Moore and La Baroque opened the other day and I'd enjoyed viewing both the photography of Ms Baroque and the extra-ordinary dioramas created by Mr. Moore.

The current exhibit opened this week as well, with works by; Giovanna Cerise, Jas, JasmineCeara Ellenberg in SL. JudiLynn,  JudiLynn India in SL. La Baroque and Vasco Lago Pinto, Jazz62 Masala in SL.

The Pirats exhibits are always enjoyable with the diversity of work and artists who participate.

The exhibit doesn't open until later today, but I had a preview of the exhibit yesterday evening. I'd first seen her work at a Pirats exhibit several weeks ago and had greatly enjoyed seeing her digital drawings, her textures are quite remarkable for depth and color. At Praka she has a created 27 new pieces for the exhibit. The opening is at 6 pm PDT/SLT today.

The exhibit opened on the 7th of May and features the work of Simotron Aquila, claudia222 Jewell, Paola Tauber and of course Shellina Winkler of whom I wrote about earlier this week. I did stop in to see the rest of the exhibit and met Flora Nordenskiold, who told me that her gallery would soon be marking its one year anniversary in July with something very special, a commemorative book of all the artists who'd been featured during the inaugural year.

I did have a chance to stop in briefly here to find a decent collection of photographs from several of AM's builds by photographers Raven Haalan, PJ Trenton, and Stephen Venkman.

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