Monday, June 13, 2011

Survivors & Caregivers Art Show and Auction

The note card arrived when I had been off line and when I had the chance after I'd logged in-world, I ported over to look around.  With pieces donated by RAG Randt, Miso Susanowa, Trill Zapatero, Gracie Kendal, Feathers Boa …. I could go on and on here, but it'll be easier to attach the list Tricia Aferdita provided. A worthy cause and good art to view and or bid on. Enjoy!

The RFL Survivor/Caregiver Committee exists to honor cancer survivors and cancer caregivers during the RFL of SL fundraising season, and during Relay.

Toward this end, we bring you the Annual RFL Survivors/Caregivers Art Show & Auction!

Beginning on Sunday, June 12th, 2011 at Noon SLT, the public viewing and the Silent(scripted)Bid Auction will take place on the American Cancer Society sim. This part of the event will run an entire week, ending on Saturday, June 18th at 11:59pm.

Once the Silent Bid Auction has ended, everyone will be notified. Those with the winning bids will automatically be sent instructions on what to do next.

The Live Auction will take place on Sunday, June 19th at 2pm SLT. Come early to get a good seat. Woodstock Burleigh is again our Auctioneer. Thanks Woodstock!

Use the attached Landmark to come and take stroll around looking at the fabulous artwork. You just may see a piece of art that you just have to have.

All proceeds will go the RFL of SL General Donations. To help in the fight against cancer, not only where you live, but internationally.

Thank you,

Tricia Aferdita
Chair of the Survivor Art Show & Auction,
and the entire RFL Survivor/Caregiver CMTE

Silent Auction: (12pm June 12th to 12pm June 18th)
AL Series: Lunch - by RAG Randt
Bird Shine Sculpture - by Hypatia Pickens
Daddy (For Sylvia) - by Miso Susanowa
Perseids 2/10 - by Bump Squeegee
Baby Y - by Kolor Fall
You Will Not Forget - by Timomachos Pegasi
PATRON: Momento Mori - by Eliza Wierwight
Apartment 5 B 3 - by Alexx Fenstalker
Netherlands: Spring Flowers - by Samara Barzane
Japan: Kyushu (Broken Glass) - by Moeuhane Sandalwood
Agave - by Winter Nightfire
Through the Ice into the Depths - by By Darwin
Angel Wings - by Briawinde Magic
Arctic Past - by Schmonson Dalglish
Shimmer - by Douglas Story
Set Fire to the Rain - by Raven Haalan
Innocence on a Creek - by Longfellow Playfair
Katje's Garden no. 1 (signposts) - by Konrad Jansma
Tessa Cristole - by Van Caerdnow
A Star of Hope - Hermes Kondor
A Gap in the Clouds -  by Cassandra Ushimawa
Reaching for the Light - by Tricia Aferdita

Live Auction:  (Sunday June 19th, 2pm SLT)
Soft White Bloom - by Cardinalwildflower Sommer
Rust Mandala in Green - by Scottius Polke
One of a Kind Season of Hope - by Tayzia Abattoir
Unleashing the Light - by Fuschia Nightfire
Complex Heart - by Glyph Graves
Alive in Wild Paint: Love - by Feathers Boa
Fire Tree - by Trill Zapatero
Fall Flight - by Kimba Sideways
In the Grid - by PJ Trenton
Let Them Eat Cake - by Gracie Kendal

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