Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Opening of Queen's Choice Art Galleries

I'd arrived in world early on Tuesday morning, my goal was to check messages, then log off , and then go through e-mails before I left for work. I had just started sorting through the group notices when an instant message arrived.

QueenOfNorway: Hello Nazz, do you have a few minutes? I'd like to give you a tour if you have time for a quick look.

The name intrigued me as it's not often, even for one who travels as extensively in the occasionally off beat virtual world of second life like me, that one gets to meet a Queen … and of Norway no less. I didn't reply right away though. I finished  a sort through the notices, most of which included the obligatory notecards and or landmarks and or objects, as I decided which to keep and which to follow up on when an opportunity arose. I then replied and explained my slow response.

Nazz: Mornin'.. . sorry I had a ton of notices.

I'd only had one sip of a first cup of morning coffee, so I hadn't recognized the name immediately and then I recalled she was planning to have a grand opening of her galleries this week. I typed out a second line before she could reply.

Nazz: So the opening is this Thursday .. At 6 pm PDT/SLT

QueenOfNorway: Good Morning. That’s correct. There will be a Concert with Tukso Okey from 6 until 7 and then a talk show between 7 and 7:30 … I talked with Jayjay Zifanwe earlier... I will have him on for Thursday at the opening at the talk show part along with Filthy Fluno . Then WaMark Spinning Funky Norwegian Music from 7:30 until 8 pm.

Nazz: Who's the host / hostess for the talk show?

QueenOfNorway: QueenOfNorway Alex

Nazz: Alright ... the artists and gallery names, do you have a list?

It took a few second for the notecard to open. There were several familiar names on the list.


Riali Sandalwood (India); oMiluo (China); Briawinde Magic (USA); Talullah Winterwolf (Ireland);  Miyuki Alter (Japan); Van Caerndow (USA); Fingers Scintilla (United Kingdom); Natsha Lemton (France); AmandaT Tamatzui (New Zealand); Cadwallader (United Kingdom); Ariel Brearly (United Kingdom) and Filthy Fluno (USA).

 I glanced at the clock and decided to take her up on the offer for a quick tour.

Nazz : I have a few minutes, TP please

I arrived at the SIM and as I waited to rezz, we continued in IM with an exchange of pleasantries.

QueenOfNorway: I'm putting up some prizes for the party. Every artist gave away one art work for a lucky winner among the guests. I have 12 art galleries here, one in each house.and over behind me... is the club where we will do the opening I think. I have a TV studio here too … in the sky platform.

The site had finally rezzed for me and I told that having the opening there sounded like a good idea. She handed a folder with land marks for each of the galleries and told me hop around at my leisure. She then offered to show me the TV Studio and when I agreed, she ported up and soon offered me a TP to join her. We spent the next 15 minutes or so touring the studio. A large amphitheater with what looked to be comfortable seating, a stage arrayed with the standard talk show props; a desk and along with guest chairs.

QueenOfNorway : So this is my set … hmmm … I could do music here too.

Nazz: Yes you could.  Are you thinking of doing a regular broadcast?

QueenOfNorway: Yes … will do daily YouTube videos , 15 minute videos and then maybe every 2. weeks a live talk show. Then when I have the crew weekly, i will stream there but need to find someone who can do the streaming … too much for one little queen.

We left the studio and made our way up to her office space, a nicely appointed space above the studio. 

QueenOfNorway: MY office with pool … I built this TV tower by the way.

We took the staircase up from there and I noticed a notecard giver with a picture of some type of gadget, it seemed to be a promotional picture and before I could ask what was it, she explained.

QueenOfNorway: I will be promoting the share view HUD on my shows … it's a HUDto share one's camera view with a friend or a group, not spyware but very useful gadget. i designed the buttons on the HUD

Nazz: I hadn't heard of that gadget yet.

QueenOfNorway: Oh, I will tell you about it … It's great for exploring SL, perfect for galleries, one can look at the exact same picture … or for shopping. You can teleport to a saved view and tele-hop on a sim … to one's camera view. I made this website for it:

I glanced at the clock on my computer and told her I needed to leave shortly. She said she understood and asked me to go with her to one more place. I agreed and we flew out the window … I know that sounds somewhat silly to say, but it is one of the bennies of virtual existence.

QueenOfNorway:  So this is the entrance for the TV tower , the sign is a TP to the studio. So here  is the shareview HUD … and then I am considering selling clothes here …  for men in the tower and females here at ground level.

She drew my attention behind where we stood and said.

QueenOfNorway : And over there is my little party palace … You know I could do the event here too.

We walked the short distance across to the palace and when we arrived I told her that it reminded me of a place I saw in Vienna … the summer palace I think it was. We chatted for a only a few more minutes and I then told her.

Nazz: I do need to run your majesty …  RL work time shortly.

QueenOfNorway: It was nice meeting you … I do hope you can make it to the opening on Thursday.

Nazz: Thank you for the tour, I do appreciate it and I will try and be here for it.

With that, I ported out back to my office on Book Island and logged out. I took a sip of coffee and thought, "Where else but in Second Life could an ordinary guy meet the QueenOfNorway."

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