Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Creative Power" a New Build by Soror Nishi Opening in InWorldz

The opening of "Creative Power" is scheduled for the 30th of July.  I'd been aware that soror Nishi had been working on something new and then I heard that the opening is near from Jeri Rahja. She'd contacted me to share in the excitement and to pass along a copy of the poster. In our conversation that evening, Ms Rahja suggested that it "is quite different from anything we'd ever seen soror do previously". The build is on one of Jeri's SIM's in the virtual world of InWorldz. It was a day later that I caught up with soror during an InWorldz visit. I found her on line and busily at work in preparation for the opening. We chatted briefly about the work and opening.

Nazz : Ciao!

soror: Hiya … how's life?

Nazz : Moving along pretty good … you?

soror: Excellent … All good thanks. I'm just finishing off a build for the 30th opening at Jeri's.

Nazz: That's why I popped in ... I spoke with Jeri yesterday and she'd made mention of it and sent me a copy of the poster.  She said it's a complete departure from any of your earlier works.

soror: It is, yes, it's quite different, on purpose really. I think my last builds tied together a bit like an ongoing design, but this is a bit different … not so 'plant centric'. There is a blog post about the idea ... just a few thoughts on the title.

Nazz: I recall having read the post. A different geometry on this build as well?

soror: hmm ...well it's still me … it's difficult to explain, I guess I haven't really digested it all yet. Sometime you need some distance before you get clarity. I start most of my builds in the same way, with volumes and structures and then that demands other forms and geometry. So's the same process and it results in an atmosphere, so … similar conclusion.

Nazz: I can appreciate that.

soror: But the tone is different …  not the same musical key. It'll be interesting to see reactions, it always is …

Nazz:  The opening date is the 30th, have you set a time?

soror: Yes, noon PDT.


sororNishi said...

ah...all working now....must have been a blogger bug..

Anyway...I just wanted to stay thanks for the post and that details on the live music will follow.

Miso Susanowa said...

Definitely a fantastic build and an interesting direction from soror. Luckily I am in Inworldz and am part of the FOC so I've gotten sneak peeks!