Friday, August 19, 2011

SpotON3D Sponsors Content Creator Expo Begins Today

Late yesterday evening, I received an event invitation to the Content Creator Expo from SpotON3D co-founder Tessa Harrington. The expo is scheduled to begin today, the 19th of August at 11 am PDT/SLT with introductory remarks by Ms Harrington. There are events planned throughout the course of the weekend and it will wrap up on Sunday evening the 21st of August. A full schedule is reprinted below and further details can be found on the Expo Site.

FRIDAY  - August 19th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm PDT/SLT/MVT


11am :: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION with Tessa Harrington: Learn about the BIG PICTURE from SpotON3D’s CO-Founder and the lead architect for the vision of their 3DWeb focus.

12pm :: SpotON3D’s GEEKSPEAK: Ask the SpotON3D TechTeam Your Questions

1pm :: SO3D Developer Program Discussion Group with Philippe Pascal: Learn more about our Developer Program and ask your questions.

2pm ::  Concurrency: Should the number of users be your sole reason for expanding? A fresh look at why concurrency might not be he most accurate or smartest way to determine what grids hold the most promise for your expansion opportunities

3pm :: Scotty Bevill of Bevill Edge®:

Scotty has 19 years of experience in the Supply Chain, Information Technology & Project Management industries on a diverse set of projects within the active duty military, government, and commercial contracting. Today Scotty focuses on business strategy and process leaning, PMO deployment, and Agile Adoption risk mitigation.

       1. Reality … because you ask? Virtual is a misnomer.  Same people, same psychology

        2. Serious Games - Making work and Learning Fun

        3. Distributed Cognition -Travel doesn't have to kill co-location

        4. The Facebook Plug-In: It's a Big Deal

        5. Pulling Ownership over Assigning Responsibility

        6. Web Plug-In: User Centered Design

4pm ::  Music

5pm ::  SpotON3D ‘s Patent Pending Plug-in: Is it a threat or a benefit?

SATURDAY - August 20th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm PDT/SLT/MVT


11am ::  CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington: SpotON3D's Web Worlds, Community Security & Privacy and "RESPONSIBLE TOLERANCE"

12pm ::  RESERVED

1pm ::  Amleth McCallen performing

2pm ::  Vardasilver Spearsong about RP

3pm ::  SpotON3D Office Hours - Explaining Double Dutch Delivery and it potential for content creators.

4pm ::  Sunny Salamander, SpotON3D Chief Developer, Business Tools : HOTSWAP

5pm ::  AgileBill Firehawk/ AgileBill Krebs

Agile Dimensions LLC was founded by Bill Krebs to serve distributed teams and coaches. By using Agile Software Development methods and practices such as Scrum and Lean we can reduce risk, improve quality, and delight our customers! We match teams with the right tools and ways to use them. Agile since 2001, Bill holds certifications in both Scrum and Virtual Worlds.  Why Creating Content for Business & Education is a Smart & Sexy Move

SUNDAY - August 21th, 2011 :: 11am/SLT to 5pm/MVT/SLT/PDT


11am :: CCEXPO INTRODUCTION by Tessa Harrington: SpotON3D's Private Label Worlds & "We Sponsor Your Dreams" Program. If you've got a great idea for an online community, game, or social network in the 2D or 3D Web, but couldn't afford it, learn how SpotON3D PAYS YOU To build your dream.

12pm :: SpotON3D Chief Developer - Business Tools :: BoostCLOUD Severs

1pm :: Lesley Scope aka Light Sequent  :: Cybergogy for a 3D Educational

2pm :: Maxmillion Kleene performing

3pm :: Phoenix DaVinci  - What’s it's like to create HotSwap Scenes

4pm :: GridWrap -  Hosted by Tessa Harrington & Wildfire/Raine Morgwain - Guest Sandy Adams:

Sandy Adam in real life and Georgianna Blackburn in Second Life®. Her company, 21C Interactive, was established in 1998 to meet the new demands for creative solutions using new media strategies. At that time she was working with website development and CDRom projects. In 2007, she made the transition to working with the emerging industry of virtual worlds and virtual goods. Combining over 15 years in marketing and advertising, she is currently researching how social networking and marketing take place in a virtual world.

5pm :: Wildfire Morgwain - Virtual Entertainment- The Next Great Cinematic Frontier?

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