Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inworldz Dreamz & Visonz Art Festival Book

It had been shortly after the award ceremony that Velazquez Bonetto had contacted me about collaborating with him on a book about the Inworldz Dreamz & VisionzFestival. We chatted briefly in instant message about the festival and the project. It didn't take much persuasion on Vela's part to convince me and I eagerly accepted. He spent the next several days and took pictures that capture both the dreams and visions of the many fine artists who participated had portrayed in their works. While he did so, I contacted Jeri Rajha and asked if she would be willing to contribute the forward to the book. She readily acquiesced and went off to work on her thoughts. While Jeri and Vela were doing so, I wrote the piece on the award ceremony which was to serve as the announcement of the winners.

A week later, Vela sent me his first draft of the book. I had expected this initial draft to be well done, as I had seen previously in the multiple volumes he'd created of work done by his group in Second Life, CARP/Diabolus. I was not disappointed as I paged through the volume. The pictures speak volumes of what had been created and on exhibit. All that remained to complete and publish were the forward and a few revisions to the text I had posted on the festival site a day after the awards had been announced. This last piece to the book arrived from Ms Rajha and I passed it along to Vela to complete the book and publish it via Issuu.

With our special thanks to the artists and the team who'd made this festival the success that it was, we hope you enjoy this commemorative book.

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