Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Spirit Dance Company Presents "Echoes of Love"

Christmas Gala 2011

In what's being billed as a gala performance, the Spirit Dance Company will present "Echoes of Love", in Second Life. The dance troupe will perform on both the 17th and 18th of December. The event on both days will begin at 11:30 am PST/SLT and it is something you won't want to miss. I spoke briefly with Caryl Meredith, co-founder of the troupe and choreographer, and she told me that, "The company continues to grow not only in our ability to perform but also in our ability to shift and adjust to the many technical challenges that we face when pushing the envelope. We are thinking big and accomplishing the unexpected. I am very proud of the members of our cast and crew on what they have achieved. Please come and see us, we welcome your being part of our audience."

The following is from the invitation that Caryl had given me and I wanted to share the sentiments expressed.

Echoes of love

Each season allows the Spirit Dance Company to work on another show. Another way to lift spirits and bring a chuckle or tear to those who attend. This season is not different. As a collective group we have worked hard to produce an inspiring as well as artistically beautiful show. It is our 'Echoes of Love' that we extend to you. It is love energy wrapped in an artistic format it is our hope that those who come to see it are inspired to pass this energy along.

Love from the heart

Take it. Share it with others in your own personal way. At this time of year there is always talk of Peace on Earth. In holiday greetings cards the 'wish' for a better world is been the focus as long is I can remember. There may have been tiny steps toward that end. But what comes to me as I write this greeting is it the peace we seek comes from within. How we feel about who we are. And our actions toward others is a bedrock of a new world --- a safe peaceful place where we can walk our path unimpeded by negativity. It is up to us to create it.

So at this Holiday Season we wish you peace. We wish you love. We wish you to experience love deep in your heart that you can feel and share. And may that echo through all your relationships in dealings so that we will all be richer for the experience of sharing of the experience of sharing yours.

Echoes of love

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