Monday, January 2, 2012

Announcing the First Annual Fantasy Art Festival Held in the Virtual World of Inworldz

For Immediate Release:

Announcing the First Annual Fantasy Art Festival Held in the Virtual World of Inworldz

January 1, 2012

Following on the heels of the highly successful  "Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz" festival, the founder of Alexanderia's Kingdom, Jeri Rajha, is pleased to announce the organization of  the "Fantasy Art Festival" to be held in the virtual world of  InWorldz. The festival is being hosted by the Elf Clan. This festival will  be a juried event and applications are being received now for up to 35 plots (31 land and 4 water plots) for individuals or for teams of artists.  Plots will be allocated on the 16th of January,  and the group assignment/tag will be given out. The building will be completed by February 3 rd. Then the artists works will be open to view  and the judges will begin their selections.

Information for the Artists:

  • If you haven't already done so, you will need to create an account and log into InWorldz. Applications are available through festival organizers and in key locations through out the grid. Additionally festival information can be obtained through the Inworldz event forum.
  • The first 31 completed applications will be allocated plots, plus 4 water plots
  • Further completed applications received by midnight 15 January will be considered at the complete discretion of the organizers.
  • Only completed notecards will be eligible for allocation of a plot.
  • Only competed notecards received before midnight 15 January will be eligible for allocation of a plot.
  • Plots are 30 x 30 each area may utilize 900 prims height may go as high you must utilize a TP from Zauber Paracelsus.
  • Please remember this is Fantasy and this is a PG SIM and abide by the rules of a PG SIM of the Elven Clan with saying this should you have any questions - with regards to your  creation - please contact Jeri Rahja - before you start your build -  because should it not met the criteria of the Elven Clan - I am sorry  to state the art work will be eliminated from the Fest and will be removed.
  • This is open to SL and IWZ Avatar's

IW residents can send their completed Application Notecard to Jeri Rahja. Also IM her so she can chase any NC that get lost. Once all plots are filled the plots on the SIM's will be allocated by random ballot.

Festival Organization:

Chair Person Jeri Rahja
Co Chair - Snoots Dwagon

Festival Team:

PR - Nazz Lane 
Scripting - Zauber Paracelsus
Events/stage manager - Sunbeam Magic

Festival Judges:

  • quadrapop tree
  • Jayjay Zifanwe
  • Velazquez Bonetto

1 comment:

Jeri Rahja said...

Hi - I am very excited about this Fantasy Fest - the plots are going fast and hope once again we have a mix of the 2 worlds IWZ and SL. Please just drop me a line to save you a spot and send you an application. Looking forward to the wonderful creations.
Jeri Rahja