Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pirats Art Network in Second Life

The Pirats are likely the most active art group in Second Life at this time, having hosted exhibitions at one or more of their venues on roughly a weekly schedule for just over three years. Since the inception of the group, they have hosted the works of conceivably every major artist with a Second Life presence in that time.  The group is led by Nathalie (Merlina) and Jean-Marc (Newbab), who have set a standard in bringing to the residents of Second Life the art of the virtual world and they have done so with a style and grace that can only be emulated. The Pirats have worked  in collaboration with several other notable art groups in Second Life including; UWA, CARP/Diabolus, and Caerleon in the planning and hosting of mega-events some of which have extended beyond the virtual and into real life.

This past week, they had announced to their  group that due to financial constraints, "We are now in a situation that leaves us no choice, Pirats Art Network will close. Monday will be held, if Linden Lab does not close the simulator before, the opening of the gallery Omega, the anniversary of three years Pirats Art Network and the end of an amazing adventure of life and whose memory will always be present in us ."

Since the announcement, there have been an outpouring of support from with in and outside of the group. Artists signing letters of petition, the contributions of Lindens by patrons, and the establishment of a crowdfunding initiative.

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eliana zaytsev said...

i own some special land in sl also.. and really cant afford to keep it just because. i have struggled with the question of LL responsibility, and crowdsourcing.. but the best answer i have found is at SpotOn3d.
just expand over at SpotOn3D where a sim is SO affordable! i love virtual worlds, the arts, and have found SO3D to be a reasonable workable place for such.

Eliana Zaytsev, owner Lauk's Nest and former Serenity Gallery (which will open in SO3D)