Friday, August 15, 2008

Horror Book Launch Today

A few weeks back, I wrote a story for the SL Newspaper on the upcoming release of a new novel "Dobbit Do". The authors, who were a joy to speak with, were eagerly anticipating the launch. Early this morning I received from Madddyyy Schnook and Angeline Blachere the following in a note card:

"Today SLGuides presents the horror book, Dobbit Do, by Woodard & Witt. Location will be sent at 5:50 PM SLT and the event starts at 6:00 PM SLT (Pacific) followed by dancing on the HellFire dancefloor to horrortechno trance and hard horror death by DJ Bcreative Wilde. Only in Second Life can you walk around a section of the book, meet the authors and main character, with scares and screams at every turn.

NexTech Development has perfected a combination software, hardware and radical new chip which make the new Dorango computer system totally compatible with every other operating system in the world. It corrects its own errors and evolves to accommodate the user's situation, whatever that may be. The only problem is that it has been infected by an ancient demon with an agenda. Dobbit Do (pronounced doe) tells the very contemporary tale of science crossing moral boundaries and people suffering the consequences. Set in Seattle and Austin, this technically perfect and socially shocking novel makes the reader consider all possibilities of cyber existence. It is a story about the binding moral decisions the characters choose, based on nothing more than their current situations, and the repercussions Dobbit Do forces them to accept.

It opens doors some people would rather leave closed, and very definitely will make the reader think twice before accepting their next . . . instant message!"

Also, check out the video ... Dobbit Do

Congratulations Pam and Wilbur!

Dobbit Do, by Woodard & Witt

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