Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

The Iroquois Wildlife Refuge is owned by Orchid Jameson who I'd met by chance while visiting another garden. We'd chatted for a little while about gardens and she'd offered me a LM to her site. I promised I'd visit when I had the opportunity. Her profile picks list the refuge as the "Home of llamas and other interesting species." Curiosity piqued, I double clicked the LM and dropped in.

I rezzed in under the shade of a huge elm tree, and waited for things to come into view. Almost immediately a llama approached me and stopped meters away and begins to graze on the grass. It looked up at me and I half expected it to speak, but it went back to its grazing and soon wandered away. I turned the view around zooming out for a broader look at the site. I small river intersected the grassy area of the TP entry point. Off to my left the pasture land extended itself and was dotted with llama, sheep and goats. Across the river were two structures, and so I decided to head off in that direction.

The nearest structure came into view as I approached it. It's a Victorian style home, brick and wood sided. The lower level is trimmed with a light blue and the upper a burgundy. The most prominent feature is the three turrets, rising up and towering slightly over the main roof. The one on the left has an open porch at the second level the others I'm assuming to be bedrooms on top and below either a sitting or music rooms, or perhaps both. The second home, also a Victorian was much smaller. It was all wood, painted blue and trimmed with white windows and columns. Not wishing to intrude on the privacy of the owner noting that neither home is part of the refuge. Having satisfied that curiosity I turned around and headed back toward the grazing area. Finding a bench to sit on, I did and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere while watching the animals graze. I thought it very generous of her to create this space for SL residents to enjoy.

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