Monday, September 8, 2008

Live Play – “One’s a Pawn of Time”

A playbill arrived early this morning, shortly after I logged in SL, from Ina Centaur. The playbill announced a new production from the SL Shakespeare Company, titled "One's a Pawn of Time". The play will be presented live to residents of SL at the SL Globe Theatre. The play will run for a limited time with several performances scheduled to begin on the 13th of September and running through the 20th of September. The audience will be limited and a ticket fee assessed. The play is written by Mike Dederian and directed by Rob Knop. For more information on this and the groups other activities visit SL Shakespeare.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nazz, thanks for the notes. The play is free except for two ticketed shows. :-)

and get a web preview of our venue @