Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dr. Grascious Streeter - SL lecturer

Dr. Grascious Streeter, licensed RL psychologist and SL lecturer, will be presenting on "Paraphilias, SL and What You Need to Know if You Have a Physical Disability" this morning at Commonwealth.


A paraphilia is a type of sexual fetish involving attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those with appliances such as braces or wheelchairs. Another word for a person with this fetish is devotee. There are devotee groups in SL who have contacted members of disability groups. Dr. Streeter will explain the disorder and its implementation in SL. She will describe refusal skills that are important for people with disabilities to use if approached by someone with an offer they don't want. The presentations will be in voice, with typed transcription available if needed.

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