Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Open Arthole Season 2

On Sunday 31st August, Arthole reopened to reveal the new Season 2 work. The three levels in the gallery will feature:

LEVEL 1 WEST WING - PARANOIA, Watching the Skies for Planes - New version of Burning Life 2006 installation by Nebulosus Severine.

LEVEL 1 EAST WING - Injustice - An extended chance to see this work by Arahan Claveau, originally part of his super fun happy club and The love that dare not speak its name for KunstVlaii.

LEVEL 2 - XXX PRIVATE SHOW - Arahan Claveau & Nebulosus Severine have together created a disorienting, unsettling environment, incorporating audio and video into the experience.

LEVEL 3 - systems of reference - The smart talent of Selavy takes over Level 3 from Ichibot Nishi and begins residence as the new guest artist for Season 2.

See the Arthole Blog for details and announcements.

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