Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st Pub Crawl Event

I had met Nasus at an event on Saturday. She was kind enough to pass along the following information about the 1st Pub Crawl Event she's organized. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon in SL and meet some great people and see some great places.

"Welcome to the October 2008 Pub Crawl organized by Nasus Dumart of Molaskey's Pub, on Oct 26, 2008 12-3pSLT. The purpose of the Pub Crawl is to become familiar with the quality and variety of Pubs in Second Life®, the events they offer and the diversity of participants.

Here's what you do:

Make sure you are wearing a 'Pub Crawler' title from your group. A role has been established within each group of the participating pubs. Ask a manager of a participating pub to include you in the Pub Crawl. Wear that title during the scheduled Pub Crawl.

When you visit each place, a host will recognize you as a 'Pub Crawler' from your tag and drop a file on you. The file will contain a landmark and an original item (no mod/ no copy) created for the pub crawl (such as a drink, pennant, novelty hat, 2D glasses, potted plant with Pub logo on it, talking parrot, whatever). You don't have to wear the item if it conflicts with your existing wardrobe, but it is encouraged. Feel free to look around each place and mingle, but not for too long! You have 9 pubs to visit in 3 hours - that's 20 minutes or less in each place!

You may go to the locations in any order you wish within the 12-3pSLT time frame. Your goal is to collect all 9 folders. Participants are also encouraged to make notes of their impression of each place (interesting features, overall character, etc.) and of people they meet.

Try to find a person that is geologically furthest from your RL location and closest to your RL geological location. Create a note card about your experience and drop it on Nasus Dumart. These interesting notes will be selected to receive mention in the story to be featured on - and any other publicity that may come of this.

Participating Pubs:

The Blarney Stone - Proprietor - Ham Rambler

Lilly's Irish Pub - telehub landing spot - (Touch Lilly's Pub poster to tp to the Pub from here - there's the Irish Pub and the Pub Club) - Proprietor - Lilly25 Connolly

Nessie's - telehub landing spot - Nessie's just around the bend from here. - Proprietor - Lacy217 McLuhan

Coach & Horses - use the door on the corner- to the left of this landing spot. This Pub is under construction preparing for their Grand Opening! - Proprietor - Seany1235 Blinker - London Sim owner Debs Regent

The Crown and Pearl - Proprietors - Bailey Longcloth and Prad Prithivi

Taff's - Proprietors - Kirsty Oherlihy and Fred Kenorland

The Bushy Beard - Walk through tunnel. First alley on your left, walk through phantom door. Proprietor - Zeeblebob Voss

Prop Spinner's Pub - Sky City with telehub. Follow signs to Prop Spinners. Proprietors - Katrina Puglist and Thadicus Calgari

Molaskey's Pub - landing in the Pub - concert stage out back on Bonfire Beach - Proprietors - Katydid Something and Apple MacKay

Have fun! Tip your hosts and venues along the way!"


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