Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photoartist Em Larsson

I had a chance to interview Em Larsson in SL a few days ago, the article is posted in the SL Newspaper.

"I am a photoartist. I capture images of the beauty I find around me and I bring it into SL for you to enjoy. – Em Larsson"

Here's a list of gallery's and showings where you can view her photography:



Gallery M and EMinent Interiors Mystic Village in SL New England

Gallery M in Avalon Town, Tabula Rasa

Gallery M in the Labyrinth

Gallery M in Landon Arts

Eris Island The Golden Apple




Woodland Mushrooms - Lar's Place (Em has uploaded her prize winning photograph from RL Gallery for SL viewing)

Beautiful Day (Hemerocallis) A.R.t Galerie - New Boston Art C

Nude Figures Cybertopia Art Centre

Springtime Baths of Caracalla Gallery

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