Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enniv Zarf at Zurich Opera House

I'd been waiting for an opportunity to see and hear Enniv Zarf perform since having heard his live recording "Rebirth" and I finally had the opportunity to do Sunday afternoon. Enniv brought his freestyle piano improv to the Zurich Opera House on Sunday, the 13th of October, playing live from his RL home in Los Angeles. Playing the improv's in pairs as is his style, Enniv provided a highly entertaining hour as he shared with us the sounds of his acoustic piano.

Zurich Opera House owners Silelf Fisseus and Ligeia Westwick, have created a marvelous venue for the residents of SL, many thanks to them both for creating a the venue and hosting superb events. I had the chance to meet with and interview Silelf Fisseux, the article ran in the SL Newspaper.

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Thanks for the wonderful post about me! I'm blogging about this post on my blog :)