Sunday, June 28, 2009

Experience the Magic of the Vision Quest

Join writer, educator, and storyteller Jenaia Morane as she shares the tale of how the blind community and their guide dogs inspired the Second Life Vision Quest.

Vision Quests are journeys of self-discovery designed to spark your imagination and encourage you to "see" in new and thought provoking ways.

The Second Life Vision Quest is an interactive, immersive adventure designed to let you experience and write stories about what it's like to be blind. It was created to celebrate the launch of Max, the first virtual guide dog here in Second Life.

Participants in the Quest can choose to experience their journeys from the perspective of a blind person or from the viewpoint of a guide dog. Both versions of the Quest utilize Max (free to everyone) to help navigate and find clues.

When: Monday, June 29

Where: Olde: (please IM Marty Snowpaw, Saxet Uralia, or Louise Later if you have trouble locating us)

Time: 4:00 pm SLT

Who: Open to Everyone who loves adventures and stories

Ready to Start Your Vision Quest?

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