Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hypatia of Alexandria Casting Call

The following came my way by the Written Word Group:

We are looking for males and females with great, expressive voices who can act! We are particularly interested in giving newcomers a chance.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday at 3.30–6.00 pm PDT/SLT
in Hemingways.

Come and be a part of the most exciting new play of this summer season! Below are two speeches that you should be prepared to read. Bring along something else that has a fast dialogue form which you can take a part in.

[Hypatia] Father, do you see the sky?
It is God’s greatest Glory
Heavenward we turn our eye
Beyond creation story.
Gifts of science from our Lord
The mysteries, and then
Man draws upon a fearful sword
And gives it back again.
Why must we bide in ignorance?
In dogmatic nature caught
At end of day there is a chance
That wisdom may be taught
Forsake my beauty and my youth
And turn their ears instead to truth!

[Theon] Daughter, while you are so fair
You are sweet Plato’s muse
A philosophy beyond compare
Yes, lead them if you choose.
But understand the world is dire
It is not common place
For reason to defeat denial
From such a pretty face
While maidens set forth to beguile
Consume your fervent pages
Men will lust, as you compile
The wisdom of the Ages.
My child of forthright clarity
Divinity! Divinity!

IM Leonardo Zimring or Skylar Smythe for additional information.

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