Friday, September 10, 2010

4TH Annual 9/11 Memorial Event to be Held in Second Life

Good friend Hope McAlpine is busily organizing for her fourth annual 9/11 event to be held at her Blue Angel Memorial Garden. I'd met and interviewed Ms McAlpine for an article I wrote for the SL Newspaper some time ago. Her Memorial Garden is dedicated to "first responders" who have fallen while performing to dangerous jobs. Here are the high lights and an agenda and for the event:

Our 4th Annual 9/11 Memorial Event is promised to be the most memorable and honorable event with some exciting features unlike ever before:

* Central Park like theme surrounds the memorial center
* Storefronts now available for rental at the memorial site to help support the operational cost for Blue Angel Memorial Garden
* Singers in different languages are invited to sing to honor their country and to remember those who have served other around the world
* Some returning and some new exciting speakers to share their thoughts
* Memorial bridge linking between memorial site and Afterhour Fritz for ballroom dance between the memorial event
* Currently being discuss on having the floating parade
* While 24 hours memorial service have been stellar, we decided it would be more practical to hold 12 hours shift but so that people around the world may be able to attend and pay respect for the fallen
* Memorial item cab be rezzed at Blue Angel Garden skybox. (Please contact Hope McAlpine for details)

5:46 am SLT for 8 46 North Tower attack ... one minute of silence
6:03 am SLT for 903 South Tower attack ... one min of silence
6:37 am SLT for 937 Pentagon attack ... one min of silence
7:03 am SLT for Shanksville, PA attack ... one min of silence
9 am SLT ceremonial event
1 pm SLT ceremonial event
6 pm SLT ceremonial event
9 pm SLT ceremonial event

Between events, Afterhours Fritz hosts a ballroom dance, near the bridge which links to memorial event area.


Blue Angel Memorial Garden is doing fundraising to help with Leary's Firefighters Foundation. This organization was founded by Denis Leary, an actor and producer of "Rescue Me 9/11". His cousin and childhood friend died along with 5 other firefighters at his hometown, Worcester, MA on Dec 3, 1999. In 2000, he founded Leary Firefighter Foundation which helps purchase equipment and training.

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