Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Gallery for Shellina Winkler

Luminescence by Shellina Winkler

I stopped in to view her new location and to see some of her latest works. I've been a fan of her work for some time now and I was pleased to see her new space. Her piece pictured above, Luminescence, is one of my favorites . She has an extensive color pallet and isn't afraid to apply it to her work. The main floor contains several recently completed pieces, including "Lost in Music" which did transport ones thoughts into a musical realm. The Luminescence piece by the way is located on the roof of the gallery. I also ventured outside into the garden to find many of her sculptures that she had completed over the last few years, along with several immersive pieces. It is well worth the visit when you have the opportunity to stop by.

THE KNOT - Shellina Winkler's Art Gallery


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Shellina said...

Thank you so much Nazz! :))