Friday, September 17, 2010

A Tour of the Garden for Change

Garden for Change in Second Life

On Saturday, the 18th of September Medora Chevalier of Second Life will conduct a tour of "Garden for Change". I'd met Ms Chevalier nearly two years ago, she was one of the foundational members of the Rings Discussion group that had formed shortly after the notable production, of the "Rings" made its debut in Second Life. The Rings, "a metaverse protest rock opera" created by the Cybernetic Art Research Project (C.A.R.P). The Rings Discussion group was notable for its planning and coordinating a grid wide event to commemorate the 60th anniversary signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The grid wide event was hugely successful and the group and its members spawned many projects and events in Second Life over the succeeding years. One such project and place is the Garden for Change. Beside her virtual activism, she is also active for social causes in her real life and is an activist and proponent for the homeless in the United Kingdom.

The group she founded in Second Life has this as their charter:

"The Garden for Change is a place that celebrates real life work to change lives and to end homelessness. It illustrates the Places for Change Garden presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in London & created by some 200 people with experience of homelessnesss.

This beautiful garden was created to show biodiversity and sustainability. At the end of the show the plants and artifacts return to hostels and day centres.

The project is kindly supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation."

Her announcement is reprinted below:

Hello there!

Have you had the chance to visit the Garden for Change yet? Its a beautiful garden inspired by the RL garden made by 500 homeless people for the Chelsea Flower Show.

I'm working with the Garden to introduce a programme of events - exhibitions, talks, concerts etc

This is an invitation to the creative, artistic and inspirational people I know in SL to join us for an inspiration tour. I'd really like to tell you the stories behind and garden. I hope this will inspire you to create artwork, poetry, music, performance - all responding to the idea that we can see our world free from homelessness.

Then we can have exhibitions and shows that profile these creations!

I'll be taking the tour on Saturday 18th September at 1pm-3pm SLT. Hope you can join us.

In any case, if you would like to perform there, organize a poetry slam or exhibit artwork in sympathy with the aims of the SIM - please let me know!

Please join the subscriber group and sign our guest book - or make a wish at the wishing tree :)

Medora Chevalier or contact Jenny Valerian - SIM owner

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