Friday, November 26, 2010

"Hedda Gabler" A Live Performance in Second Life

The four act play which began its in run in Second Life a week ago is about to end this week-end. In case you hadn't been able to catch a performance, there are two left of "Hedda Gabler" a drama by Henrik Ibsen. One each on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of November. Both performances begin at 2 pm PST/SLTand will be held at the George C. Dove Theatre, on the Rockcliffe University SIM.

The Cast:
George Tesman: the husband of Hedda; an academic - Ixmal Supermarine

Hedda Tesman: the heroine - Morgue McMillan

Juliana Tesman: aunt of George - Elegia Underwood

Thea Elvsted: friend of Hedda and George, confidante of Eilert - Aara Frequency

Judge Brack: friend of the Tesmans - Caliban Jigsaw

Eilert Lovborg: George's academic rival whom Hedda previously loved - Darius Debruyere

Berta: servant to the Tesmans and to George as a child. - Pipsqueak Albatros

Female Understudy – Dubhna Rhiadra [Thea Elvsted on 16& 23 November]

Director - Ixmal Supermarine

Publicist - Morgue McMillan

Production Designer - Taff Nouvelle

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