Friday, November 26, 2010

What's New in the Virtual Art World - It's Happening at Alexanderia's Kingdom

A new artist community has been established in the virtual world. Alexanderia's Kingdom founded by Jeri Rahja has announced the formation of the community in the virtual world of Inworldz.  Ms Rahja, a major supporter of virtual art, is housing the community at her four SIM's, Alexanderia, Angels Loft, Moonglow, and Isle of Skye.  In a statement she explained that Alexanderia's Kingdom "is a unique community of artists enjoying what they do best, creating with little to no restrictions". She also stated that the current residents include; Soror Nishi,  Alizarin Goldflake, Glyph Graves, Miso Susanowa, Ub Yifu, Goose Wycliffe, Feathers Boa, Copan Falta, Caren McCaw, Nyx Breen, Ginger Alsop and CHUCKMATRIX Clip.

I spoke to her recently and she told me of two exciting projects currently underway. The first is that Ub Yifu is doing his entire recreation of Gulliver, his dream build and that it will be a "Beautiful gift to the people of Inworldz. The build is breathtaking and amazing to watch on a daily basis." She said and then added; "We are also building a museum to house most of the artists' works and hope this build by Nyx Breen will show off his architectural achievements  ... and we plan to make that building available to purchase along with many of the other extraordinary buildings of Nyx."

"What do you for see in the immediate future at Alexanderia's Kingdom?" I asked.

"What I would like to happen is for the community to grow so the artist can enjoy their lives here for as little cost as possible and the tier can be paid for by sales in the future. Right now all costs are being absorbed by me so the artists can get established and get their works transferred or rebuild or new projects underway … because at Inworldz, each SIM comes with 45,000 prims." She said and then added; "I am making Inworldz a very art world friendly place, as any artist that comes in can come to me and live free at my SIM's and create as much as they want. We work a very small commission back just to pay for the SIM. I make no profit and take no commission until they are ready and I buy a new SIM as soon as one is needed."

As I had promised her, I went out there to check out Alexanderia's Kingdom and was duly pleased that I did. If you're out in Inworldz, be sure to visit this community. With so many talented artists and creators present it is sure to be a pleasurable experience.

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