Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Paranormal Frottage" by Misprint Thursday Opens this Evening

I received the invitation when logging in and read it quickly."Paranormal Frottage" by Misprint Thursday opens on 10-November at 7 pm PST/SLT. At the first opportunity, I messaged her to thank and congratulate her on the event. She offered to port me over which I readily accepted. Arriving I saw she had been busily preparing for the festivities and was accompanied by Maya Paris who was there assisting.

Misprint Thursday: Hi Nazzzzz … How's Life in the Nazz Lane going.

Nazz Lane: Heya Mis … moving along at posted speeds.

Maya Paris: Hi Nazz:)

Misprint Thursday: Yes

Nazz Lane: Hey Maya :)

Misprint Thursday: Well don't get a ticket man … I hear they are brutal in SL

Misprint Thursday: So there is vid and sound here Nazz. Let me know if you get it … ok. The sound is in the video only.

Nazz Lane: I turned it on ... It sound is good.

Misprint Thursday: Thank you. It was an unexpected collaboration. I received the track in e-mail and wrote the song and sang it … sent it back. It worked out pretty well I think. I have another version as I was telling Maya.

Nazz Lane: On your site?

Misprint Thursday: Yes I have a link to it … you can listen to hear the difference


Maya Paris: It's hypnotic and with no pun intended … haunting.

Misprint Thursday: the musician, Patrick LaJeunesse bowed the guitar actually to get some of those odd sounds and pounced the bow off the strings.

Nazz Lane: I'm listening now.

Maya Paris: I like a pounce

Nazz Lane: I like this version

Misprint Thursday: The one in SL, or the one in the link?

Nazz Lane: The link … its a bit clearer for me.

Misprint Thursday: Yes it was recorded in the studio … good ear. So I should have edited that into the video. I guess I could do that now.

Nazz Lane: It reminds me of something Irish ... a sadness

Misprint Thursday: Yes-sort of cowboy junky-ish sort of dirge-ish … but bearable.

Nazz Lane: Haunting

Misprint Thursday: It haunts me! Try writing it!

Nazz Lane: Are you still planning on a CD?

Misprint Thursday: Yes, I have a track on an amnesty international album and then lots others flung about cyberspace. But two albums in the mix.

Nazz Lane: Are you working with 4 Bridges here in SL?

[04:05 PM] Misprint Thursday: Actually not … It is a project called peace partners and there are three albums. I have a track on the 3rd album. Would you like a link?

Nazz Lane: Please

Misprint Thursday: then the album is here and mine being the first track on that album. Pretty eclectic collections. Its been a great project I hope they do well.

With that we said our goodbyes and I ported out with plans to drop by later for the opening.

From the invitation: Misprint Thursday

(see credits and thanks below)


+Play media/video

+Media sound up

After you have heard the song with the video you can turn down the media sound if you like-and you can still watch the video effects.

Song Credits

Covered in Black


Composer and all guitars- Patrick Lajeunesse

Doumbek, Shaker-Michael Valadez

Lyrics and Vocals-Misprint Thursday


By Misprint

Photos, Drawings


Design Concept of Charred Textures

Arrow Inglewood as seen in his Burnt Shack

About the items for sale:

Paranormal Frottage Linked Set:

This piece is full mod and copy. You are getting 20 original images. You can unlink, link, size, resize to your hearts desire. No Transfer.

Paranormal Train Wall:

Two prim holographic effect.

Mod and Copy no Transfer.

If there is a specific texture you like and want to purchase it in this design please request by notecard or IM. Thanks!

Paranormal Shadow Boxes:

No mod, copy, no trans. I can deliver these mod or with a different art texture inside if you have a certain request.

Paranormal Frottage Blanket:

Wear this and do your own paranormal rubbings

Custom video Installation:

It can be installed on request ask for pricing

Thank YOUSE:

Nestra for installation assistance

Peri Afarensis for studio space to create

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