Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Last Performance of "Dance in Light" at Costa Rica

On September 10th at 10 am PDT/SLT, there will be a performance of "Dance With Light" in Second Life. I'd received an invitation from Medora Chevalier and she told me previously that this was to be the very last one. 

The note that came along with the invitation is reprinted below:

Dance in Light is a 45 minutes show with original music, dance, lights and particles.

It is brought to you by an international team:

junivers Stockholm: Composer, Music performer Stage and Light design (Sweden)
Medora Chevalier: Choreography, Costumes, Dance Performer (UK)
Sunshine Vayandar: Dance Performer (South Africa)
TheDove Rhode: Dance Performer (USA)
Southern Riptide: Dance Performer (USA)
Efrantirise Morane: Light Show operator (Italy)

Dance in Light's original numbers:
Dance of Life
Are You an Angel?
Carp Rock

For more information contact junivers Stockholm, Medora Chevalier or Sunshine Vayander

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