Saturday, September 10, 2011

"1001 Nights" a Photographic Exhibition Opens Tonight in Second Life

The latest photo exhibition by Morgana Nagorski titled "1000 Nights" opens on the 10th of September, and is being hosted at Palais Orleans. In a sequence of twenty-six photos , all taken within the virtual world of Second Life, Ms Nagorski provides, "A glimpse into the seductive, sensual, sumptuous world of the seraglio, as depicted in the Orientalist paintings which inspired this series".  The opening festivities begins at 6 pm PDT/SLT and lasts two hours.

I had a short preview of "1001 Night"s as she was setting up on Thursday , where we chatted briefly about the exhibit.

Morgana: Hey Nazz. Tell me when you've rezzed …  only one thing I have left to do … is to make customized wine and a gift bag. I also intend to put some plaques on the wall with some info about eunuchs and odalisques and concubines.

Nazz: Your the inspiration for the theme, where did it come from?

Morgana: Harem scenes, inspired by the style of orientalism paintings … There are lots of famous paintings called Odalisque. They are nearly always reclining and I have always liked many … so first I did one like that and then I got caught up in the sumptuous sets … and just started doing more,  but then I had to do the Sultan and his mother and a couple of eunuchs. I even love the WORD Odalisque … so exotic.

The site had rezzed fully now and we paused while I moves my camera view around the first and then second floor of the gallery.  Her work had always been good and I'd enjoyed my visit to several of her prior exhibits. I wasn't disappointed, there were a range of photo's, many nudes of course, but also of the harem guards.  There was a sufficient variety of poses to give one a perspective of seeing not only the beautiful women that inhabited the harem but of the sumptuous backgrounds and personalities.

Morgana: Thank you  … What do you think overall?

Nazz: I have always admired your work … your picture of the "clown in the corner" I think is one of the very best photo's I'd ever seen in Second Life. I like the concept and enjoy your work … and there is quite a few exotic looks.

Morgana: All the girls are me of course … actually the eunuchs and the sultan are also me in the alt I use for male figures. I actually have many props and costumes I didn't use so will eventually have a second show in this theme. In that one I will have more belly dancing shots and some of the sultans being "affectionate" to some of his girls.

Nazz: How long will the exhibit be open?

Morgana: Until the 30th of October.

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