Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Art & Poetry Project Opening in Second Life

The much anticipated opening of “Art & Poetry”, will begin on the 22nd of September at 1 pm PDT/SLT.  The exhibition is sponsored by the Museum of Metaverse (MdM), with tomorrow’s event being but the first in a series of twenty two events to be held across the grids of Second Life, Craftworld and in Naples, Italy over the next twenty two weeks. The inaugural event will be held at Plebiscite Square, which is a faithful reconstruction of the famous square in Naples. The build was done by SIM owner Lukia Halderman and his staff. A second opening will be held at the Museum of Metaverse in OpenSim Craft on Friday the 23rd of September.  Behind the organization of Art & Poetry is  MdM Founder, Rosanna Galvani (aka Roxelo Babenco). Ms Galvani had stated in an early release of information that this first evening, “Will be full of surprises and pleasures, which will offer readers a preview of the site MdM and the most important is the participation, as the guest of honor, Luciano Somma, "the poet of Naples."

Further information on tomorrow’s event and the project can be found at the Art & Poetry blog.

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