Monday, March 16, 2009

The Amazing Hunt

This came to me by way of a connection to Gentle Heron.

Part Scavenger Hunt! Part Amazing Race!

Your questions are listed below. To get the right answers you'll have to do some exploring and some puzzle solving!

Here is how it works: Answer the questions below in no particular order. Type in your answers on this note card and always remember to hit "Save." All answers can be found in Second Life or on the Internet. There is only one correct answer to every question. After you have all your answers, return to the game start location and drop your note card into our mailbox.


1st Place - $600 & Prizes
2nd Place - $350 & Prizes
3rd Place - $200 & Prize
Honorable Mentions - Next 10 players - $40
All players to be entered in to a drawing - $1000
Best Postcard Picture - $250

Rules of The Amazing Hunt:

-Each broad location can be found using search function

-Any and all resources are OK such as the entire internet or even SL help

-Team play is allowed, but only submit one note card per team.

-Hints can be given but those that receive them will have a 1 hour penalty per hint. Also, if judges are not in-world, you may have an additional delay before you get your hint.

-Good Sportsmanship is required. If you see another player who disregards this rule, please let us know.

-Judges reserve the right to eliminate players who do not use good sportsmanship.


1 Couples can still play as couples but please do not split up. We ask that you play together on each question.

2 All ties go to the singles.

*****First, what is your name? (If you are playing as a team, please enter all the names of the players in your team :)

And here are your questions. Good Luck!

Welcome to "The Amazing Hunt". We're in our third year of sporadic business and enjoying each minute.

Well let's get right to it.

It is nearly St Patrick's Day one of the world's best known and celebrated holidays. So what better way to celebrate it than either ignore it completely or place the occasional leprechaun out of context and pretend we are celebrating this momentous occasion? There will be a quiz later.

1) OK, the Happy St Patrick's Day. There was a priest, a rabbi and a minister who walk into a pub. No wait that's not it. This is St Patrick's Day after all. So we could use a bar theme at least. Let's start by going to "Little Poland". Upon arrival locate the Beck Bars and Neon store.

At the door is an old bartender, touch him please as he has a HINT for you because you will have to find a Leprechaun and ask him for a beer. Pub society is very polite so you'll have to ask in a very specific way. Once you find the Leprechaun stand near him and say in open chat exactly this words "May i please have a beer" without Quotes.

You ask for a beer and get a task. What kind of game is this? If you do it correctly you'll obtain a note with instructions telling you how to complete this task.

Place your answer to that task here:__________________

2) All this talk with leprechauns' have you spooked? We don't blame you . Let's engage in some more normal activities. Hmm, let's say maybe visit a robot museum? Search for the Museum of Robots. There you can build your own Robot quickly and for free, BUT do that ONLY IF YOU WANT. Now we ask you this: when you arrive, look for the area to meet celebrity robots. Find the one named Robby and tell us what the film and year he pays homage to.

3) Go to Little Castles in Little Poland, yes, all little, locate a small Gothic Chapel and go inside. Hidden inside is a magic stone. Find the stone and touch it for a magical flight to another location and instructions of what you have to do next.

Once you have the answer type it here: ______

4) As this is a Holiday near you may want to take a picture as memory, so go to Zomelia Design to get some inspiration, then search for the teleporter to the Gallery, and once there look for the photo where is a dog is swimming and tell us what is the name of the picture immediately to the left ?

5) After the Beer, maybe you are feeling dizzy like seeing things upside down, and this is even before you go to the next location, then you will be done.

Find in Classifieds the Relativity House, from M.C. Escher, do you know it? You will know it today if not. Explore the House and try the poses, some poseballs give items to wear while you are posing, what are those 3 items?

Photo Contest:

This is a great place for the Postcard Pic this time, take a Snapshot and send it as a Postcard from SL to

and maybe you will win the Best Postcard Pic Award :)

EXTRA credit: Remember the Robot Museum? Turn yourself into a robot and take your picture with the above, we would like that.

When you have all the answers filled in, return to our games start position here:

Drop your finished game card into our mailbox. Be sure you have written your name on your card!!!!

Questions? Really, really need a hint? IM Biji Kuu or Verry Ivory

Donate to the Amazing Hunt if you would like to see bigger prizes in the next game! Our donation pot is here:

Would you like to see a particular location on a future leg of The Amazing Hunt? We love suggestions and ideas! IM Biji Kuu

Join The Amazing Hunt Group to be notified when the next game is released!

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