Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lizbet's Picks : Slow Dancing on Sand

There is no more perfect setting for a synchronized slow dance than a sandy beach. In Second Life as in real life, my favorites are the secluded, deserted ones (don't forget to set your World to sunset or midnight!) such as Hipnotic Moon and Inspire Beach. But it can also be more than fabulous to drop in on a wild beach party at a place like Laguna or Solana Nude Beach. Here's where you might find me doing a tango in the sand:

1. Hipnotic Moon

MUSIC: SL Live Radio (SL artists)

This has been one of my favorite beach getaways since I discovered it back in 2007. Chalise and Tommy used to have a lot of live music shows here but now it's maintained for you and me to have a pretty place to dance. It's small, it's beautifully romantic, and it's usually deserted.

There's Intan ball over the stage to rez couple dances on the beach but it's a very dark blue and sometimes hard to see.

2. Laguna Nude Beach

MUSIC: Classic Rock

This is a wild party beach ~ lots of people, most of the time! There are a bunch of couple dances around the bar and two singles dance balls hanging above the bar. Clothing is optional and you will see more nudity and rowdier public chat here than at most SL nude beaches.

3. Neko-Neko Nude Beach

MUSIC: Jazzy, multi-cultural vocal pop

This is just a beautifully done, small, white sand beach. There are usually just a handful of people here, a few Neko, often Japanese. There are lots of couples pose balls on the deck by the landing point and a dance ball on the floor in the center of the deck.

Clothing is optional but, as at most SL nude beaches, few people take advantage of the liberal dress code.

4. Solana Nude Beach

MUSIC: Rap/Pop

Maybe not as popular or as rowdy as Laguna Nude Beach but this can be a happening place. A couples' dance post is on one of the railings at the landing pad. There are also several sweet spots on the beaches just below the landing pad with couples' posts for rezzing couples dances.

You'll also find a fishing pier, poles for pole dancing, a big dance floor in the middle, and lots of couples and singles poses on the beach chairs, hammocks, as well as on the rafts out in the water.

As at most SL nude beaches, not very many people take advantage of the "clothing optional" dress code.

5. Inspire Beach

MUSIC: Space-age instrumental techno electronica (I kinda made that name up :)

This is a truly gorgeous setting and usually completely deserted. There are slow dances on the pier and the floating gazebo as well as in the sheltered rocky beach area to the far right of the pier.

Here's a tip if you don't see the dance balls: These are Craig Altman Bits and Bobs dances. The command to display them is: /1 show (type into LOCAL CHAT box)

You'll also find a drive-in theatre and a mud wrestling pit there. It can be laggy because the hugely popular Inspire Space Park dance club is directly overhead. Use the Teleport sign by the drive-in theatre to pop up to the Space Park for a visit.

See you on the sand!


P. S. As always, if you find me in-world, I have a notecard of these PICKS with landmarks. Just ask! ~LzL

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