Friday, March 20, 2009

Reminder: The Second Life Story Quest Starts Soon

I posted information on this event a few days ago and had the opportunity to speak with the event organizer, Jenaia Morane on Thursday evening. She was busily preparing for the event but took a few minutes to chat with me.

Nazz: What time does the event start?

Jenaia: It starts tonight at midnight (PDT/SLT) and goes all day Friday until 9:00 pm. I wanted to let UK folks in on it too. If you're game for it Nazz, you might pick one of the genres and go to each of the SIM's, that would give you a feel for how it works.

Nazz Lane: I'll be tucked safely away under the blankets sawing logs at that time.

Jenaia: Me too I hope. The point is that it is self-guided you can start any time between midnight and 5:00 pm. You just select a genre, pick up the instructions, and go to each of the SIM's. Then you come back and turn your story in at Karuna, that's where we'll have the party.

Nazz: When will you announce the winners?

Jenaia: The literary winners won't be announced for about two weeks. There will be an awards ceremony and the winners will be published in RezLibris Magazine. Each winner gets $1,000 Lindens too. Well it's not big bucks, but you know as a writer the acknowledgement means a lot.

More information is available on the web site, "The Virtual World Story Project".

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