Friday, March 20, 2009

Force Planet Presents "Hothouse Flowers”

Gallery Tony and Hothouse Plaza in conjunction with Force Planet presents "Hothouse Flowers - a juried art exhibition and celebration of all things flora".

Opening Date: March 20, 2009

Closing Date: May 1, 2009

Opening Festivities: Friday, Marcy 20, 5-9 SLT

An Award Ceremony will be held at date and time to be announced.

Additional Events throughout the show length will be announced via group networks and posted at

It is our great honor to welcome the fine artists participating in Hothouse Flowers. Each brings a unique vision that together creates an amazing mosaic of flora's secrets.


Violetta Biziou
Paz Ember
Zion Fuchs
Lala Lightfoot
Fuschia Nightfire
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Zephyru Zapedzki


Dieudonnee Beaumont
Annah DeCuir
Kyra Gaea
Ainsworth Gastel
Special Jewell
Em Larsson
Mona Mendes
Ishtarangel Micheline
Briarrose Nightfire
Estelle Parnall
Mater Rhode
Belinda Underwood
Petr Vanbeeck
VanDelay Vacano
WeeWillie Wylie


Silene Christen
LawnDart Curtiss
Cai Denimore
Queen Edman
Pol Jarvinen
Mel Krupinski
Nicci Lane
Physeter Nicholls
Autopilotpatty Poppy
Molina Rhode
Tigerchub Torok

For more information, contact
Force Planet - Force Kaul
Gallery Tony - iTony Pleides
Hothouse Plaza - Marcus Steeplechase

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