Monday, September 14, 2009

Callidora Benefit Concert Acknowledgements

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for the SL Newspaper titled "Brother and Sister Team Up in Second Life to Support RFL" and that they'd also teamed up to host a series of concerts that benefit the American Cancer Society. Renfew Sperber and her brother msw Tomorrow are both remarkable individuals and as a pair set an example for commitment to their cause and generosity of spirit. Renfew had passed along the following information as an acknowledgement of the contributions of their many friends in their efforts to raise awareness and money for the fight on cancer.


Anabel Trafalger

Auzzie Blackburn

Beauregard Freenote

Curbguy Zerbino

dakota7z7 Pluto

Ember Muhindra

Erin and Satin

Goyamoon Zapatero

Grateful Stryker

Jana Koyomoon

Joaquin Gustav

John1234567 String

Kim Siefert

Laidback Celt

Lightnin Lowtide

Lonnie Nightfire

Mance Moonwall

Manx Wharton

Noma Falta

Only Half Crazy Gumbo

Paulette Oldrich

Road Caggles

Senjata Witt

Shelindra Ireland

Stella Silvansky

Tukso Okey

Others Critical to the 2009 Benefit Season

Nestra Careless

Fushia Shepherd

SherieAnn Thirty

Special Notes:

Beauregard Freenote and Joaquin Gustav were among our first friends in SL and introduced us to the live music scene in SL

Stella Silvansky has the honor of having the single largest fundraising set in the history of Callidora's benefit concerts. She had raised over $360,000 Lindens in an hour! Her fans and supporters really made it happen!

Manx Wharton only missed one concert in the 2009 season and has the distinction of playing more additional sets to cover last minute cancellations or extend the benefit than any other musician in the lineup

Other Avatars/Friends of Note: Nestra Careless -- Event manager for the benefits for 2008/early 2009 and sl mentor extraordinaire, Fushia Shepherd -- Event coordinator and co-host for benefits 2009 and a remarkable human being and friend, SherieAnn Thirty -- Friend and owner of the Gaslight brought us many new talents to backfill

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