Monday, September 14, 2009

The History of SL Art Series: Starax the Legend

The following was released by the director of AngelGate, SophiaJane Alcott and is being posted here with her permission:

As AngelGate Director I am immensely privileged as I believe visitors to this exhibit are to participate in celebrating the great art of Starax. I cannot think of a more spectacular birth than for Celestia to be accompanied by the creations of Starax.

AngelGate values the creative potential for transformation individually and collectively.

A treasured element of this is for "creativity unbound".

The history of RL art is beset with the desire to monopolize the meaning, access and importance of creations by the few for the many. An interesting question is: Is this happening within SL?

I personally consider a high level of participant involvement in art is one of the great possibilities of creative interaction here. Rather than ownership dictating the ability to display, and dominate meaning structures, all people equally can construct and de-construct when such power hierarchies are removed where those who "Own" ( sl is a medieval hierarchy) fully share and so in truth deed these experiences as a collective identity, rather than Narcissus reflecting themselves.

White Lebed has taken a bold step in embracing freedom and access for the wider community. I would like to affirm AngelGate as a place where meaning in controversies can be welcomed as opportunities for dialogue.

I thank Jeri Rahja who is both inspirational as a collector and for all else she is and facilitates in SL. I thank all at AngelGate for standing behind these values. Any collectors interested in creating access to their unique "view" of creativity here is extremely welcome to explore that space with us at AngelGate.

Thank you

Sophiajane Alcott

AngelGate Director

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chestnut rau said...

I applaud White and AngelGate for this installation.